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Hosted Processor

Quiltt's Hosted Processor empowers you to incorporate your own payments processor through charge.execute webhooks configuration. Leveraging the capabilities of Connector, it seamlessly manages tasks like collecting Account Details, Authorization, and Payment Mandates on your behalf.

Link to this section#Setup your Endpoint

Configure a server endpoint to process the charge.execute event using the Webhook Guide as a reference. Be sure to give special attention to implementing Webhook Verification for this particular endpoint.

The charge.execute Payload, as an active event, has a slightly different structure than the passive event webhooks.

  "environment": {
    "id": "env_12umSFiUO64xFsP9dzEU1b",
    "mode": "SANDBOX",
    "metadata": null
  "charges": [
      "id": "ch_12umSFfQFyK0ZIPCh61tCF",
      "amount": "100.00",
      "currencyCode": "USD",
      "account": {
        "id": "acct_12umSFAvyurp0Int9ndsDQ",
        "number": "000000000",
        "routing": "111111111",
        "metadata": null

Link to this section#Create a Webhook Subscription

You can now register your endpoint as a Webhook Subscription for charge.execute in the Dashboard or using the Webhook Subscriptions endpoint in the Platform API.

Link to this section#Enable Hosted Processor Integration

You can now activate your Hosted Processor Integration in the Dashboard. Once this is configured, payment routines will initiate charges to be forwarded to your endpoint for processing.