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The Quiltt Connector is an embeddable UI module that lets you access a complete, context-rich financial picture of your end-user, without writing any integration code.

The Connector is built on top of the Profile GraphQL API, and comes pre-integrated with leading bank data networks like Plaid and MX.

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The Connector can be embedded and controlled in several ways; choose the approach that best fits your use-case and stack.

  • HTML5 for the simplest integration experience using just HTML.
  • React SDK for deep integrations with React.js applications, using modern React Components and Hooks and written in Typescript.

Additionally, a powerful Javascript API is available for programmatic access to the Connector, such as launching, passing Session tokens, and setting up event callbacks.

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The Connector supports two core flows: Connect and Reconnect. The default flow is Connect but you can trigger the Reconnect flow by passing in a Connection ID to the Connector.

See the HTML and React SDK guides for configuration information.

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The Connect flow allows the user to create a new Connection to their financial institution, based on the Connector's configuration in the Quiltt Dashboard. This is the default flow and does not require any configuration.

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Connections can sometimes enter into a user-repairable error state that prevents new data from being synced until the user re-authenticates to their institution using the Reconnect flow.

When Quiltt detects that a Connection has entered this state, its status field will change to ERROR_REPAIRAIBLE and you'll need to pass the Connection ID to the Connector to trigger the Reconnect flow.

See the Reconnect guide for for more information.

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Each Connector can be configured with a number of modules to craft the perfect onboarding experience for your product. The following modules are generally available and can be configured in the Quiltt Dashboard.

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Enabling Authenticate allows visitors to sign up or sign in your Connector using OTP codes. This can be used to embed your Connector on landing pages or to help with local development.

Currently email and SMS-based authentication methods are supported out of the box.

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Enroll allows you to collect additional onboarding information from the end-user, such as their legal name, address, phone number, and more.

This information gets stored on the user's Profile and can be retrieved via API.

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Connect allows you to create connections to an end-user's financial institution, repair broken connections or request new features on existing connections.

Currently Connect supports MX and Plaid connections with the following features:

  • Account Verification: Verify account numbers to support money movement operations.
  • Identity Verification: Verify account-holder identity information.
  • Transactions: Access deep transaction history.

A Mock provider is also available for testing and integration purposes.

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By default, the Connector will close after your user successfully completes the flow. This module allows you to redirect the end-user to a URL of your choice, with a new Session token appended as a query parameter.

Note that with Redirect, your user will be immediately redirected to the configured URL, and the exited.successful event will not be fired.

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Click the button below to see the embedded Connector in action:

This connector uses the Authenticate, Enroll, Connect and Redirect modules.