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In GraphQL, the Profile represents the information about the currently authenticated user.

Profiles can be used to store important information about your user, such as their phone, email, names, birthday, address and more. While all customer data is encrypted at rest, Quiltt adds additional column-level encryption to sensitive fields that may contain PII.

Like many other resources, profiles support persisting arbitrary information via a metadata object. This can be used to store nicknames, custom timestamps, status indicators and other data that may be useful to retrieve later. See the API Reference or the Custom Metadata guide for more information.

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GraphQL API Reference

To access the full documentation and typings, explore the schema in the GraphQL API Reference or use the GraphQL Explorer in the Quiltt Dashboard.

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Returns information about the user's profile:

query GetUserProfile { profile { id name email metadata } }

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{ "data": { "profile": { "id": "f0d91761-2bfd-42da-a4a9-f02ca0df3c36", "name": "Joe Allen Maldonado-Passage", "email": "[email protected]", "metadata": { "mortalEnemy": "Carole" } } } }

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Updates the user's profile with supplied attributes. In this example, we are changing Joe's name and adding metadata:

mutation UpdateUserProfile($input: ProfileUpdateInput!) { profileUpdate(input: $input) { success record { id name email metadata } errors { message path } } }

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{ "input": { "name": "Joe Exotic", "metadata" { "favoriteAnimal": "Tiger" } } }

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{ "data": { "profileUpdate": { "success": true, "record": { "id": "f0d91761-2bfd-42da-a4a9-f02ca0df3c36", "name": "Joe Exotic", "email": "[email protected]", "metadata": { "mortalEnemy": "Carole", "favoriteAnimal": "Tiger" } }, "errors": null } } }