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A Connection in Quiltt serves as the primary way to ingest and sync financial data associated with one of your Profiles. Connections are typically created from a data source like Plaid or MX, and provide access to account information, transactions and other data, depending on the data source and Connection configuration.

The Quiltt GraphQL API provides source-specific queries and mutations to support the lifecycle management of a Profile's connections. Once a Connection is persisted, Quiltt will automatically ingest permissioned data, keep it in sync, and make its data available via API and the Quiltt Connector.

Like many other resources, connections support persisting arbitrary information via a metadata object. This can be used to store nicknames, custom timestamps, status indicators and other data that may be useful to retrieve later. See the API Reference or the Custom Metadata guide for more information.

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Profile GraphQL API Reference

To access the full documentation and typings, explore the schema in the GraphQL API Reference or use the GraphQL Explorer in the Quiltt Dashboard.

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Connection queries allow you to fetch data about a specific Connection or a list of Connections associated with the Profile.

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Looks up a Connection by its ID:

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Lists the Connections associated with the Profile:

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Connection mutations allow you delete or update a specific Connection.

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Deletes a Connection:

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Updates a Connection.

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Connector mutations allow you to initiate and close a provider's front-end component, such as Plaid Link or MX Connect. This allows your end-user to register or manage a Connection in Quiltt.

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Creates a Plaid Link token to initialize an instance of Plaid's Link component:

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Creates or updates a Plaid connection from the onSuccess payload of a successful Plaid Link submission:

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Creates a MX Connect widget URL to initialize an instance of MX's Connect widget:

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Creates or updates an MX connection from the memberConnected payload of a successful MX Connect submission: