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Javascript API

For full control over your experience, Quiltt exposes a JavaScript API to programmatically interact with the Connector.


The Javascript API is written in Typescript and is fully typed. The complete Typescript interface is available on Github.

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The Connector emits a number of events that can be used to customize the user experience and integrate with your application.

Event TypeDescription
exited.successfulThe user successfully completed the flow.
exited.abortedThe user closed the Connector before completing the flow.
exited.erroredThe user experienced an error during the flow.

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All events will return a Metadata object with additional context:

connectorIdstringThe ID of the Connector emiting the event.No
connectionIdstringThe ID of the succesfully created or updated ConnectionYes

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To handle these events in your application, you can attach the appropriate callback functions to your Connector instance. See the HTML5 and React guides for more information.

OnEventExitEvent Type, MetadataSubscribe to any exit event.
OnExitSuccessMetadataSusbcribe to the exited.successful event.
OnExitAbortMetadataSusbcribe to the exited.aborted event.
OnExitErrorMetadataSusbcribe to the exited.error event.

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const connector = Quiltt.connect('<CONNECTOR_ID>')
const onExitSuccessCallback = (metadata) => {
  console.log('Successfully created Connection: ', metadata.connectionId)



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See the Javascript API Reference for a complete list of functions, types and event callbacks.