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API Overview

Quiltt is a hybrid API. We provide a powerful GraphQL API to support expressive interactions with your end-user's financial data, and simple REST APIs to power server-side authentication and administrative concerns.

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Full resource and schema documentation is available in the corresponding API Reference pages:

A great place to interact with the Profile GraphQL API is the GraphQL Explorer in your Dashboard

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Quiltt APIs are served over HTTPS to ensure data security; requests sent over HTTP will not be processed.

All POST request payloads must be sent as JSON, accompanied with a Content-Type header:

Content-Type: application/json

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Rate limits are applied based on the authorization scope:

  • Requests authenticated with a valid Session token are limited to 100 per second.
  • All other requests are limited to 25 per second.

Please contact us if your use-case requires higher limits. You can view your request budget in the headers of each response:

Ratelimit-Limit: 100
Ratelimit-Remaining: 99
Ratelimit-Reset: 1659127063

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API calls use standard HTTP response codes for success and failure notifications.

  • 2xx HTTP codes indicate a successful request
  • 4xx HTTP codes indicate an issue with the request
  • 5xx HTTP codes indicate an unexpected error

Unsuccessful requests will return a JSON body with the following response schema:

messagestringrequiredA high-level description of the error
instructionstringrequiredA helpful message to troubleshoot what went wrong
errorIdstringThe unique ID associated with a server error, used for troubleshooting